Fuji X-20 compared to Nikon D50

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Re: Fuji X-20 compared to Nikon D50

mr moonlight wrote:

photoreddi wrote:

I think that you're completely wrong here, otherwise the OP wouldn't have preferred the unaffordable X-E1 that costs 2 1/2 times more and weighs two times more than the barely affordable X20. It seems that you're projecting your own desires on the OP, but it's the OP that has to shoot in dimly lit clubs, not you. It's true that these two very small DSLRs are much larger than the X20, but then it may pay for him to do a little research on some of the recent inexpensive, smaller m4/3 cameras that will also blow the X10 and X20 out of the water. He never said that the X20 was a must have camera, only that he'd like reassurances that it would do a better job than the D50. It may well do a better job, but the important bit is how much better? We already know that the X-E1 and the two Nikon DSLRs are incomparably better than the X10, so even if the X20 is better than the X10, it is unlikely to approach the capabilities of the X-E1, the two DSLRs or some m4/3 cameras, and only the non-Fuji solutions are less expensive. I can understand his desire to get a better camera than the D50, but you'd think that the X20's smaller size wouldn't be a good tradeoff for such a minor performance improvement after so many years with the D50. If the X20 beats the X10 in a few of the expected areas I might upgrade my X10, but I can at least appreciate that the X20 wouldn't be my go to camera for shooting in dim clubs.

There's no war here that I can see. Different opinions can be interesting, informative and sometimes entertaining. It may be that this forum has more than its share of opinion wars, but there hasn't yet been any angry swordplay here. Yet. En garde!

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