Question about incident light meter

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Re: Question about incident light meter

You are correct.  Yours is a more direct explanation than mine.  The caveats are as long as you have calibrated your meter to your camera and lenses and how you are aiming the white dome of the meter as it relates to the lighting and your position.

Calibrating to your lens/camera combo is a good thing to do as the same model lens at a given fstop may Transmit light differently, meaning at F4 the lens may not be transmitting that amount of light to the sensor.  It may be a bit over or under.  So for that combo, you can either tweak the meter to match the camera/lens combo, or leave the meter and know that you will open up or close down by a fraction to have a correct exposure for a given lens.

A big variable is how you aim the dome of the meter when taking an incident reading.  Do you aim it directly back at camera; angle it slightly toward the key light; shade it from a direct hit from a light; or angle toward the shadow side of the subject?  These are all for testing and your experience will let you know how to position the dome for a given lighting scheme, either studio or natural light.

I think one's best hope is to end up with a good "usable exposure"

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