New possibilities with SPP 5.5 and high ISO images

Started Feb 28, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Kendall Helmstetter Gelner MOD Forum Pro • Posts: 19,739
New possibilities with SPP 5.5 and high ISO images

In the generally unremarked thread VictorGV started below (Curiosity DPReview shot redone), a discovery was made - SPP seems to do a significantly better job at Merrill high ISO color conversions, not just in Monochrome.

Mostly the improvement is in a significantly better reduction in color banding.

So I took a few example photos to illustrate. It turns out 3200 is now not bad, and ISO 6400 is usable with some editing.  Both of these were processed with luminance NR totally off, and chroma NR at mid point.

First off, an ISO 3200 shot with some color (ambient daylight from windows) - processed in Vivid to regain saturation reduced at higher ISO:

Random Colorful Objects

All I've edited on that is slightly reducing some color banding in the background of the image on the wood grain.  The rest of it is pretty much as is.

Next we have an ISO 6400 taken at night with halogen lighting:

Captain Jack

This has great detail, and pretty good color.  I tried Vivid here but it was too much for this photo, the real colors are also kind of muted anyway.  The fur had some pretty significant color blotching which I edited down by desaturating or matching color.

Lastly another B&W image from Monochrome, processed more brightly because I wanted to reveal the shadows a bit more with color not an issue (probably a bit too hot in retrospect):

Captain Jack in Black

At this point I feel like the ISO 3200 images approach RX1 quality in the bright areas of the image, and at ISO 6400 the Merrill cameras are as good in B&W as the RX1 - I base that on this article:

The important thing to consider with ISO 3200 and up is that deeply shadowed areas will be the things that show color issues.  Shoot to over expose if possible and think about the shot with deeper shadows as that will help correct the issue.  Also try vivid color mode if the shot seems overly de-saturated.

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