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Re: What do you think

Andrewteee wrote:

The GXR is essentially a 2009 product

Yes, it has a shelf life for sure. Modularity allowed the camera to be more than one camera but not to escape the limitations of its production era.

Ricoh is supposed to be big in Japan, but again, their lineup is pretty dated at this point. Lots of other new toys since then.

A bigger market in Japan than in any other region of the world is how I understood it. Relative to the others, they were (I'm talking past tense on purpose) no doubt one of the smallest of players even in the home market.

I just hope that if Ricoh releases new products they aren't already outdated when they become available. The Fujis, the Sony RX1, even Sigma... these cameras are raising the bar in the high-end niche camera market.

What, you don't think the K-01 raised the bar?

(Sorry, I had to tie in the K-01 somehow.)

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