NEX + fixed (prime) lens for everyday use?

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Re: NEX + fixed (prime) lens for everyday use?

Tckay wrote:

I think the Sigma 30mm 2.8 is a great lens on the NEX as a walk around, not too wide not too long, for the money. Small and cheap too.

I agree with you.

I use the 5n for my snapshot and for my basic walk around camera. Picture quality is much better than any compact and combined with the Sigma 30mm, the camera is small. It won't fit in a pants pocket but it's still light and easy to carry.

The inexpensive Sigma is a good lens and almost all of its flaws are automatically corrected by the  camera's internal processor.

In the film days it was necessary to buy an expensive lens that provided an almost perfect picture but digital has progressed to the point where cameras have the ability to internally manipulate an image and correct lens deficiencies.

The cheap little Sigma is a prime example of an inexpensive lens that works very well.

I read, on these forums, about people who are using legacy lenses that were considered "junk" during the film days (old Russian lenses, Kalimar, etc.) but even these type lenses with extremely cheap glass are doing a pretty good job on modern digital cameras.

I'm like you and would recommend the Sigma.

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