GF5 - Awful white balance in artificial light

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Re: GF5 - Awful white balance in artificial light

First of all, to clarify my original post, I already own a GF3 and bought a GF5 (not another GF3 as per the typo).

I probably should have used the camera a little more before posting, but after reading your replies I realised that I had set the LCD to a lower brightness which, to my surprise, did give a stronger yellow cast. Incandescent and (to a lesser extent) auto white balance settings now look merely a little on the warm side of acceptable rather than way out. Downloading images to the computer also confirms that the problem isn't as bad as I first thought.

I usually shoot in jpeg + RAW so that I can make adjustments if need be but without the need to convert every single photo. I do own a double sided grey/ white card but rarely use it with the GF3/5. After all, carrying it around is at odds with the convenience of such a small camera.

I am still contemplating though whether to keep the GF5 or sell it and stick with the GF3. I am surprised to see that the dynamic range is apparently less at iso 200, according to DXO mark (if you believe that), although I'm not sure if this will be noticeable in practise.

Despite all my negativity, there are still many improvements on the GF5. I particularly like the two extra touchscreen function buttons and the hard display button.

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