Sony NEX-7n Rumored for April

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Re: Give me a killer AF system

James A. wrote:

D Cox wrote:

James A. wrote:

I would buy the NEX 7n instantly if the Sony designed a killer AF system in it. I want something as good as the A99 or A77 AF system.

When you say "good", I presume you mean "fast". The NEXes have the advantage over a DSLR of never needing to be calibrated. They are slower but more reliably accurate.

I think speed depends on the development of much faster processing chips, although better algorithms might speed it up too. Give it another couple of years.

Hey D Cox! Yeah I meant fast. Also the shutter lag on my Nex 5 isn't the greatest either. I love my Nex 5 but its not fast enough for tracking my 1 year old son on a swing or running around. I use my Canon 5D for that. However I don't like hauling that around compared to my Nex 5

Nikon's much despised mirrorless cameras were designed specifically for speed when photographing active kids. You might check them out if that is your main use.

I don't find any shutter lag on the 5N. Perhaps this has been improved ?

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