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Re: It's a personal choice....

mallbuedel wrote:

toomanycanons wrote:

What I didn't say was that I'm asking that question for the shooters who will not, for whatever reason, shoot in raw and go through raw processing like you do (and like I do on occasion). Just trying to give a little hope to those potential buyers that the P7700 can actually deliver decent IQ using its jpeg engine.

If people think "what, I have to shoot raw to get good pics with the P7700?" that would probably turn off half the market. It is just a point and shoot, after all.

That's a reasoning I don't understand. You have to display your shots on your computer screen anyway. The proprietary WINDOWS picture viewer you use perhaps can't read anything but jpegs. So, why restrict your possibilities to it if FastStone or IrfanView can do it too, but offer in addition the ability to open RAW files and displaying them by just clicking on the NRW-files?

I'm not talking about me, I'm talking about all the possible buyers to whom the word "raw" means, rightly or wrongly, more complex work if they even think that far.  "I just want to take pictures" is what they're thinking "what is this raw?"  "Do I need more software?  I never post process my pictures! What is post processing anyway, I just want to take pictures".  You get my point?

Ben Hermann takes great pics but I bet his workflow is unfathomable to a large percentage of people in the market for a point and shoot.  Why make it seem that they have to replicate his workflow to be able to get good pics out of the P7700?  No offense, Ben, I love your pics and your stories!

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