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rattymouse wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

I don't have favourite vendors unless some retailer decides to stock Ricoh cameras locally. I expect that there is a steady but sure demand continuing for the GXR.

I was going to respond to Tom earlier but sometimes don't have the heart to talk in negative terms about Ricoh. My sense is that uptake of new GXR cameras has fallen off dramatically - we just don't see new folks appearing in various forums including Ricoh specific forums like we used to. Popflash.com used to carry a broad range of GXR related products but now I see their listing is down to but three, no new bodies, no Mount A12, and of the three items one of them is used. They used to be a good source for GXR products and in particular Mount A12 bundles, appropriate given their focus on rangefinder lenses (Zeiss, Leica) and Leica digital M cameras - the GXR/Mount A12 was a perfect fit for their business.

Sure, Popflash could know there are new products coming and have allowed stock to deplete, but the more logical assumption to make at this point is that nothing is coming.

I was in Japan last week for an 8 day holiday. My hotel, in Kyoto, was right next to a Yobadishi and Bic camera store. I went in there almost every day because in those stores, EVERYTHING is available and on display, even a Pentax 645D. I "played" for hours and hours. Almost no one was ever by the Ricoh station. It was a veritable ghost town. Canon, Nikon, and Sony were mad houses as well as Panasonic.

It would appear that Japanese consumers are able to smell death too.

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