*********Challenge 162- The Moon in the Landscape ***********

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Re: *********Challenge 162- The Moon in the Landscape ***********

Moonrise, Leisure Isle beacon, Knysna, South Africa

This is the big beacon that aligns with a much smaller white one about 1km away on Knysna's Eastern Head. Get them in line, and you come through the channel safely, into the Knysna Lagoon. (An estuary, of course, but we call it a lagoon hereabouts.) Get them out of line and you're on the rocks.

Tripod, D7000, Nikon 70-200 f2.8 VR II, mirror up, remote - and the trick, as you all know is to choose which bits to get in focus. I've used LR 4 to take the moon exposure down a fraction, added some sharpening and cropped. Oh - and pushed the beacon light up - also a fraction. It flashes - so you have to time the remote!

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