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The empty stage...

Midwest wrote:

To be perfectly honest, the OP doesn't need suggestions on how to improve this photo, what he needs is to find some inspiration and vision to recognize real subjects of more interest than this. This photo makes absolutely no connection with me. It's like taking photos of napkin dispensers on restaurant tables... there's just nothing to see.

You've never seen the "empty stage" *before* the subject?

My avatar image (currently cropped) won a challenge here and was a finalist in ming thein's black & white contest. It started off as exactly this kind of image. It was at a different angle and nobody was in it. It wasn't until chimping 10 minutes later that the idea popped in to my head to get in the shot. And then I still went back the following two days to change various other things I hadn't noticed before.

Similarly, this place caught my eye one day, so I took this:

It wasn't until a few days later that this occurred to me:

Most people like the second one better.

Anyway... I do this sort of thing all the time (not sure why yet). This is exactly what skpman's photo reminded me. That's why I told him I liked it and suggested he add a person rather than go back to the drawing board.

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