D800 or D4 : Family Vacation

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Sony RX100 for vacation...

Arvind Balaraman wrote:

Will be travelling to Europe in May with family. Primarily shootng citiscapes, architecture and landscape. Wondering ifI should take my D4 or D800?

Inclining to take D800

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Rgds Arvind Balaraman

You own both cameras and wonder which to take?! I feel somewhat trolled ;-)!

The D4 is superior in everything but resolution, especially in the "look" of the pictures with a deeper "3D" effect. For me resolution is less important than the look of an image.

But not to forget that both cameras/lenses are somewhat heavy and bulky to carry around, you go on holidays!!

I did my last vacation with my NEX7 and the RX100. After a few days I let the NEX in the apartment since I realized that the RX100 is not that much off and that it's very nice to walk around without a bag around my shoulder. I carried the RX100 in a little pouch in my pocket of my trousers, that's so relaxing! I also was blazed what quality this little mouse cranks out using RAW/LR4, even in lower light!

If you get a good sample the RX100 is an absolutely stunning camera!


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