Free Riders in Challenge Voting: My Top Ten!

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Re: Free Riders in Challenge Voting: My Top Ten!

Dear Ruth,

I would not have words kind enough to praise your curatorial skills put in practice on your challenges.  You take good and fair care of them, because of this (and even if sometimes they hold too numerous entries for my taste) , they are cheer joy to vote on them.

But there is another side to the coin.  I can only speak as a voter and for my self,  and so  like you, I do have a list of Hosts names who, unlike you, do not curate their challenges.  They announce a challenge and let it grow like wild fire.  They accept cheaters in their challenges, they are cheaters themselves,  do not DQ entries which do not comply to the rules (because it does not look good to have one entry only in a challenge, does it?), they accept plagiarism,  do not respect their own rules, erase comments on the challenge page (not because they are uncivilized but because they disagree with them), hosts that state serious and questionable rules, hosts who resource to rude, insulting and bulling commentary when faced with their inability to formulate intelligent arguments or constructive criticism.  For all this reasons and some others is better to forget, I do not vote in their challenges. Ah! Yes, I forgot one:  the fact that I can not vote using my IPad (unless I purchase a browser application which I refuse).

But, not all is lost, I am sure someone out there, at this very moment, is creating another list of members. Members  like me, who are participating less and less in the challenges but find a lot of enjoyment and learning in voting.  I hope this will cheer you up a bit.

Pease do not quit, some new comers to DP are looking at your work as an example to follow.

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