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CharlesB58 wrote:

.... IMO Olympus has no intention of "hurrying up" to try to match the dslrs coming out from other companies. But I think this is actually astute business strategy on their part. Over the next 5 years the trend away from aps-c dslrs will continue. The "IQ is King' folks will gravitate toward FF as prices continue to come down. Most will opt for mirrorless as the cameras continue to establish themselves as alternatives to dslrs for more and more situations and people (as opposed to the laughable habit of some of dismissing mirrorless as "toy cameras"). So why try to regain strength in a shrinking market?

I agree to a certain extent.  But I don't think the APS-C camera market is going to shrink all that much. Look at what Pentax has done with their K-5 Mark II sans AA filter. Great camera. Smart design. Others will follow suit. I do think 4:3 mirror-less will grow, especially as the EVFs get better and better. But APS-C mirror-less as well as full frame mirror-less will grow as well.

As far as Olympus specifically goes, I have little doubt we'll soon see next-generation versions of the OM-D series, with improved noise control, more MP and, with a little luck, the same design with a larger sensor (in addition to the 4:3 sensor).

I doubt Olympus will make much of an effort along the lines of a full-sized DSLR like the E-5. If there's going to be an E-7 (or whatever), it will certainly accept the 4:3 lenses, but I think it will arrive in a smaller form factor a la the E-420 or E-620. Olympus is in the small camera business now. They're pretty much out of the full size DSLR business as far as I can tell.

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