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Re: I don't understand all these "answers" that require power!

MikeFromMesa wrote:

I tend to take a lot of raw images when I shoot and it is not unheard of for me to take 500 or more shots in a day. If I try to do that during a 10 day trip I might end up with as many as 2000-3000 images (or more). At 28MB per image that comes to as much as 80+ GB.

If you are going to carry 80+ GB around with you that means up to 3 32 GB cards and, if you like to keep all of one day's shooting in one folder on one card, perhaps even more. 32GB cf cards are not cheap and the cost of 3 or 4 of them may well exceed the cost of one of these data safes.

Except that the OP would already have a couple of them anyway, don't you think?  Transcend 400x 32gb cards are 40some bucks.  Those are definitely fast enough for the D80, and likely good for the D600 (but if he is focused on birding, maybe not)  This wouldn't be the best choice for extended burst shooting, but My 17 days in Africa cost me close to $15k.  Even at $100/32gb card, silly to worry about the memory card expense, one which he can still benefit from in the future.

What matters most is weight, and nothing will beat the weight of 4 CF cards.

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