Product Photography 60d - What do you think?

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Re: Product Photography 60d - What do you think?

Tucabert wrote:

It is OK. Forget about it. It is not anything serious. I practically run the club and know way more than the teacher, so there is not really any criteria. As far as I can tell, I'm the only one that actually bothered to use a black sheet and an external flash (probably because I am the only one that can use one). But thanks your the advice that was given anyway.

Good for you taking it beyond the rest of the club. Seriously though, I don't post much, I tend to read instead, but the one post where I asked for help the guys here went out of their way to give me good advice. Make use of them but don't waste their time. Ask them a straightforward question with context and you will get good, honest opinions (along with the odd idiot trying to start a flame war) and one hell of a lot of experience.

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