Fuji X-20 compared to Nikon D50

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Re: Fuji X-20 compared to Nikon D50

photoreddi wrote:

Sorry, but you need to look at the X10's ISO 12,800 shot again. It's not that it doesn't look great, it's that it's horrible, totally unusable. Yes, you can't use faster glass so you're stuck with a high ISO that's completely unacceptable. But like the X-E1, the two Nikon DSLRs can accept faster glass. A really nice one is the very sharp 35mm f/1.8 Nikkor which at $197 is 1/3 the price of any of Fuji's faster lenses. So the OP can get the X20 if he wishes, but he may come to regret that decision when he sees that it produces images only a very small step up from the ancient D50 that he just sold.

The OP's main point is that he is happy with his D50's image quality, but wanted a smaller capable replacement without the DSLR size. He doesn't necessarily need something better. Perhaps something along the lines of the Panasonic GF5/GX1, Nikon J1, the Canon G1X or even the G15 would fit the OP's criteria for size + price + features + IQ.

In regards to the X10 at ISO12,800, I agree, it's crap and while I expect the X20 to be better at ISO12,800, I still expect it to be horrible. Weather it's unusable or not I think depends on the purpose of the image. One of the primary uses for the X20 will be taking shots of family and friends. Often times decent quality isn't nearly as important as simply capturing a moment in time.

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