Fuji X-20 compared to Nikon D50

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Re: Fuji X-20 compared to Nikon D50

Tom Schum wrote:


Now, it depends on who makes the X20 sensor. I don't think it is by Sony, so it is likely to be an older generation design with the X-Trans CFA. This is why we do not see a significant high ISO improvement on the X20 sample photos so far.

In fact, X20 will need to go up to ISO 800 to achieve DR400%. A sensor's native DR is reduced with higher ISO. Where as X10 can do it with just ISO 100 in M size capture.

My X10 does pretty well at ISO 1600. The lens stabilization is also a very big help.

The OP however is going to use the camera in dimly lit clubs. I don't know how your light compares, but 1/12th sec. shutter speed isn't going to do very well with moving musicians, singers, etc., stabilization or not. Boost the ISO by three stops and this would be a much more usable 1/100th sec., but then the ISO would be 12,800 and we've seen what a disaster that is with the X10.

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