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Re: SX50...not "the" camera?

lkk324 wrote:

Thanks so much for your detailed reply. I would TOTALLY go for a little larger sx... with a bit bigger sensor to have a smaller aperture. I just wanted an all in one ya know and I cant afford to buy all the huge lenses at this point in life for my dslr. I would be quite happy with a 1000mm reach. That is where I am having the difficulty. I don't think I necessarily need the 1200 on the canon (although ya never know) but to drop to 600 on the Panasonic is a lot. But then to have a more multi purpose camera that can get the better action shots (better not dslr type lol) wouldn't I be better served with the lower constant aperture? I mean honestly I think I really only need the lower aperture for some of the sports shots possible up to 300 mm at best...not at full zoom. Where does the canons aperture change from the 3. up? At what distance?

The SX50 drops to f5 at around 100mm and then to f5.6 around 200mm and stays there till around 975mm, so the brightest part of the zoom is rather limited. That being said, the brightest part is still in the zoom range you would use most often up close with kids and pets. As a professional many years ago, I specialized in environmental portraits of children in their own elements and rarely used telephoto lenses (for that purpose). At the time, we rarely used films above ASA200, so we needed larger aperture lenses, but with today's digital tech, ISOs of up to 400 are very useful and even up to ISO800 are useful for much work. Stopping children's or pet's action is still possible in decent light at f5-f5.6, especially with good follow focus technique (as in the buck in the sunlight image I posted above.)

I have to tell you.........the little kodak z950 I have had prior to the dslr has the same aperture size as the canon on the low end. It use to catch action shots pretty darn well. Now I couldn't blow them up or anything but for a normal size pic they were pretty good. I should be able to expect the same out of the sx50 right? I keep heading back to the canon cuz that is what I have been working on learning the past 21/2 months. I just don't want to not be able to get a fun shot outside with the kids and dog if I have that camera instead of the dslr (now they don't always come out either with the dslr haha)

I sometimes hear from people "My camera can't take pictures as well as your camera can. I'm going to have to buy one of 'your camera'." So I ask to use their camera and when they see the images, I'll get something like "Wait, how did you do that?" I'll answer "A lot of practice taking pictures. The camera is just a tool that will do its best work with good shooting technique."

I have read somewhere ( i have no idea where now since I have been researching everything I can find on sites about these 2 cameras) that Panasonic isn't supported by elements or something like that? Is this true?

The Panny takes JPEG files and all versions of Elements support JPEGs. However, I don't know what version of ACR you need to support its raw files. The SX50 is only supported under ACR 7.3.

I am sure everyone is tired of me asking questions...I know Im tired of not making a decision. I just dont want to blow $400 for something and not like it. If I could go out and buy a panasonic as easily as the canons I would go get both and see which I liked.

No camera is ever going to support 100% of your needs, even when you pay thousands of $. Just look at the Canon 5D Mark III vs Nikon D800(e) discussions. With today's technology, it's more a matter of personal choice in what's most important to YOU. And there will always be times when if you have one, the grass will seem greener if you had the other. Unfortunately the question of money plays its part as well in forcing us to make the choice. For me, on both the SX40 and the SX50, the majority of my images are above 600mm, so the choice was easy. For you, well, what's most important based on what and how you usually shoot? Your current images many times predict your future needs. Study them. Load all the EXIF data into a file (EXCEL works) and sort them by focal length and then by f-stop. This will tell you how you shoot most often. Which may tell you what you really need and what you don't. I use the database program I wrote (helps to have been a software engineer at one point in my life) before I make any purchase of new equipment. This tells me if I really need it against it just being a flashy new toy. Saves me a lot of money sometimes.

Any fabulous tips to help me with this before I go insane? Have you taken any more action shots with it to see how it does?

Unfortunately, I don't have any grandkids or pets to test the SX50's capabilities at such on a regular basis. And despite people's entreaties, I don't often photograph people professionally anymore. And most times for action, I still go to my big kit. But the trotting deer shows that the SX50 can work out very well. Despite all today's focusing tech, to me follow focus while composing still gets the job done. Been doing it for a lot of years.

Also........I would LOVe to see a real head to head with these two cameras. A real side by side comparison in the pics SOOC.

Like I said, if Panny wants to send me one . . .

Thanks Vision!

Happy to try to help,


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