Best options for portable lighting kits?

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Re: Best options for portable lighting kits?

Argentus wrote:

Thanks for the tips! I'm mostly looking to do portraits for magazines and newspapers in an ever changing environment and with the tight deadlines of the press. So polyvalent and portable lights are key. I am not sure if you can get Alien Bees in France (where I am based) that is why I was looking at the Quadra Ranger, but it is much more expensive.

You never know what you're going to be asked to shoot so you should keep your options open.
Speedlights are pretty easy to use and they have loads of useful features making them very versatile, you shouldn't give any of that up just because you are looking at a higher output. 
I'd suggest a Quantum system.
Trio, T5d-R's, X5d-R's all have their place at different output levels (80ws, 160ws, 200ws, 400ws). They can all be used together as a system or separately. 
My favourite/most Versatile flash is the X5d-R in 400Ws configuration controlled by a CoPilot with other Quantum remotes too. If you started with an X5d-R (or T5d-R) you could retain your on camera flash as a Master controller and operate  the Quantum remotely in iTTL/eTTL, Auto or Manual using optical signals or just use existing radio triggers for Manual operation. The Quantum radio system will retain your cameras TTL capabilities with any of their remote flashes and can incorporate your own flashes in the mix too - whatever your require to suit your needs.

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Theres only one sun. Why do I need more than one light to get a natural result?

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