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McSpin wrote:

It's nice to see you found a camera to suit your needs. I'm sure it a fine camera. But really, no need to rub it in. People who are happy with their equipment (k-01) simply won't care.

Well, there's a little need, otherwise I would't have done it. You have to appreciate, posting a comment on a forum (a forum you feel part of and belong to) can be a little bit like walking into a bikers bar wearing the wrong tee-shirt. People stop drinking, the bar tender kills the duke-box, and all eyes focus on the stranger at the door.

In my case, I was the stranger at the door, and I just took the silence as an opportunity to ask, I'm looking to get to Santa Fe, It's 300 Kilometres, is there a gas station en route? But the replies I got were:

  • Santa Fe's for pussies
  • That aint no bike
  • We use Miles in this town Dℹck head
  • En route? Where do you think you are, Paris?

So yeah, having got to Santa Fe and now coming back to that bar that now says, 'closing soon' the temptation to come in and say, 'I wonder why', is a bit too strong to resist. Sorry.

It's obvious that the public has spoken and the K-01 was not popular enough to hang around, but that doesn't mean it's not very suitable for many photographers. Personally, I don't see the big deal with the lack of a VF. I've always hated them anyway. My eyesight has always struggled looking through one. I learned to stabilize by k-01 with longer lenses. I can usually find a support, even if it means sitting or kneeling for stability. When I can't, I've become quite adept at steadying the shot (most of my shots are taken in manual focus, since I love peak focusing). However, since shots with heavy lenses are not the majority of my photos, I can live with the downside of slightly less stability.

As I said in a previous post, I applaud those who find the positive and run with it. I'm of the same breed and have often managed to get the job done with the wrong tool, and later, when the stress has subsided, derive some satisfaction from the creativity and determination of the process.

But when it comes to cameras, that sentiment falls apart when I miss a shot that would have been really great, and I'm just left feeling disappointed that the camera's flaws and short-commings let me down. When this happens, you have to vent and let the supplier know their product failed.

But here, in Pentaxia, the great lord Pentax is never wrong. Perhaps an exalted few are allowed to question the king, but carefully and with well choreographed smiles, but strangers at at the door criticising his majesty? Treason! Off with his head.

The standing joke is, most people who care to know, know how good Pentax is. They don't need all these self appointed champions spearheading the crusade. I have eyes, and a brain and an abundance of neurones communicating between them. I know not just how good Pentax is, but also when it isn't. But I might be wrong, and I'll only learn that by open discussion. But not here, Santa Fe's for Pussies, so says the king.


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