The power of the powershot

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Re: The power of the powershot

seri_art wrote:

Aside from the invalid comparison between the two cameras, do you have any idea how/why this particular v1 image is so poor?

MattJCarter wrote:

The pics shown are most certainly not what the v1 is capable of. Have a look in the nikon 1 forum and you'll see much better representations, I'd also recommend checking out Steve huffs review of the v1, he has some good pics on there.

this comparison is pretty ridiculous IMO as no two settings are identical (whether its the iso, scenes themselves etc). It would be akin to finding a poor picture online taken by someone with an RX1, then finding a half decent picture taken with a lx7 and making a comparison. It makes little sense.

kind regards Matt

If I am honest I have no idea. I shoot primarily in a / s or m and raw (with the exception of rx100 and grd1 which I shoot raw and jpeg) so OOC jpegs are not my 'specialty.'

Simple things such as changing light can have a massive bearing. I've taken pictures with the same camera just seconds or minutes apart,  and one may look great, lots of pop, contrast and 'perceived' detail, the other...well dull.

In this case tbh I don't know. I've attached a link below to some recent pics I've taken. The raws are sharp. I've had no issues so far (Shooting aperture priority and using appropriate exposure compensation). These are not OOC jpeg and have been edited in LR. Btw these pics are low res (1000 pixels longest edge). I can always email you a raw if you want to check for sharpness etc.

kind regards


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