New Mac Mini is sooo slow

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Re: New Mac Mini is sooo slow

MrMojo wrote:

I might be wrong but I think that Migration Assistant does not transfer data in such a way that fragmented files are recreated on the new Mac. You can confirm it by running iDefrag; it costs nothing to use it to analyze your files. If you do have fragmentation the Aperture library is a likely culprit; it can really slow down your Mac.

Certainly a fragmented Aperture Library will slow it down, but the Aperture library will have been defragged by moving it from the old machine to the the new machine. Any file level transfer process, like Finder, Setup Assistant, Migration Assistant, CCC, etc moves whole files across from the source to the they gather up the fragments and write them as a new whole unfragmented file on the destination. Only a block level level clone and a few disk duplication progs copy the files in a fragmented state to the same block address on the destination.

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