NEX6 for indoor sports?

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Re: NEX6 for indoor sports?

All, Thanks for the replies and suggestions. The pictures are helpful because those were pretty similar to what I am doing.

The shots I am taking are usually volunteer work for a local charity. I tried pre-focusing, but then I had to turn the AF back on, and missed a few shots while I was messing with the Fn button. (Again, this is my fault, and not the camera's.) Since these are kids, the movement is not predictable enough for me to use pre-focus very well.

I had not considered getting the LA-EA2 adapter and an Alpha lens, but that seems like a good idea. The only drawback is that the alpha lenses are not stabilized, and I am usually not shooting with a tripod.

My other camera is a Canon T3, and I prefer the Sony, but that may only be because I was using the kit lens on the T3. (Someone gave me the T3, and I never invested in lenses, because he might want it back.) To me the AF on the two cameras seems pretty similar.

Anyway, I appreciate all the help. This has given me some more to think about, and some more ideas of things to work on.

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