Dog may be charged with attempted murder in shooting

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Re: Dog may be charged with attempted murder in shooting

Mentor_1 wrote:

PhD4 wrote:

Mentor_1 wrote:

Attempted murder by canine

Yet another reason to kill all dogs.

Mentor_1 wrote:

4 year old kills self with stolen gun

Yet another reason the left says just abort them all first.

You and Henry should get together and share your thoughts, your 2 heads might make one, might being the key word here. One could try to cover the others ineptitude and it would be hilarious for the rest of us.

And here I thought we were getting along.

Sorry to have offended you with those fascinating stories that are NOT single-handedly overdone here, by you alone.   I was just replying with left-wing logic.  I mean.. that is what you Canadians thrive on right?  American liberalism?

We can't all post 18 anti - American/Gun threads a day. Sometimes we have to point out the stupidity in someone else doing so.

My real views?

Kill all dogs.

Kill all baby killers.

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