New Mac Mini is sooo slow

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Re: New Mac Mini is sooo slow

Oosie wrote:

Mike Boreham wrote:

Is it only Aperture that seems very slow compared to your old machine?

If so then then I agree with suggestions that the problem is to with faces or previews which can take a long time. The Activity window in Aperture will show you what ut is doing in the background.

No not only Aperture. It seems generally to be slow on all programs compared to my Dual Core Macbook Pro. Someone suggested that the Mini with Mountain Lion hates running on only 4gig RAM so I am going to increase it to 16 gig and see what happens.

I think that the cloning (Migration Assistant) which I did from the Macbook could also be contributing to the slowness. I probably inherited fragmentation, etc, from the Macbook.

Just to clarify.....using Migration Assistant is quite different from cloning. You said in the other reply that it was offered the first time you used the new Mini, so that would be Setup Assistant which is like Migration Assistant but only runs first time or after a fresh install. Neither SA or MA clone the the drive you migrate from, but import only the files which are appropriate for the new machine to make your new machine like the old one. In particular the OS files are not imported. It certainly doesn't import fragmentation. (Even an actual clone like with Carbon Cloner Cloner or Superduper is actually a very good way of defragmenting, unless it is a CCC block level clone).

All that is by the way because you did the correct thing!

However SA and MA do import your old prefs files which could be a cause. So it might be worth seeing if logging in as a new user gets rid of the slowness.

Certainly my experience on both my last two new Macs is that 4 Gb is not enough, (but how much RAM did your old machine have?) so that might well be a factor.

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