Kiev 88 (ARAX-CM) matches Nikon D800

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Re: Kiev 88 (ARAX-CM) matches Nikon D800 - link

Very nice classic film image. I miss those days. There was something substantially different about photography with film. With all the know-how required about and the different pace of the procedure. Magic in the darkroom, etc..... Back in film days most of the serious photographers actually were serious photographers. Meaning that a lot of studying and preparation went into one's career before exhibiting some images. Technology changed that type of basic attitude, at lest for many.

I used to spend a lot of time in the darkroom, colour and B&W. I enjoyed it just as much as the taking of the image part. Boy, the scent of the darkroom was inspiring. My adrenaline level always went up when I closed the door and started preparing for work.

These days our lab is the computer, software, scanners, printers, etc. This has its own excitement value too but somehow it is not the same feeling. Creating a nice B&W with today's tools is not the same as silver halide was. We want to copy silver halide. And that is exactly what we do, copy. Try to get it look like as if it was film based technology. The outcome id mixed. There are a couple of good tools that are available. My favourite is, beside the basic "Photoshop darkroom", Silver FX. I find it enables me to create the closest reproduction of silver halide images.

Thanks for posting, very nice capture,  AIK

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