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Re: K-01 Viewfinder

Vanadu wrote:

To answer your question a tripod is your only choice for crisp pictures with the K01with longer lenses. Recommended with any camera using long heavy lenses for that matter.

Recommended for pros maybe, who have a job to to do, but we're not really discussing pro equipment with the K-01 are we?  I just like to travel with my camera, and when I see stuff I like, I like to try to capture it, using whatever I have available:

With the 5D2 it was stuff like this:

With the OM-D, it's stuff like this:

I guess I'll never know what my K-01 shots would have turned out like. If I were still in Europe or America, I'm sure the fire sale prices would have tempted me to have a play, but here in Asia, fire sale prices rarely seem to materialise because many shops seem happy to simply keep the stock until it sells to someone.


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