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Ben Herrmann
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It's a personal choice....

Just as some folks enjoy working with JPG's - I don't (and many others don't either). I enjoy RAW files because in essence, they are the digital negative and in more cases than not, having that additional headroom amounts to being able to pull more detail out of either highlights or shadows. I've been shooting RAW since 2002 and haven't looked back. So different strokes for different folks - but I will say that in some occasions (where I shot both RAW and JPG), I found detail and information in the RAW versions that the corresponding JPG files missed (meaning either blown out or underexposed that could not be recovered in those JPG files).

So hey, if JPG's for you - more power to you - it's all a personal matter and when I see the various arguments on all of the forums about this, I have to laugh. But again, in the event where I have to shoot in JPG (i.e. some P&S models or the P510), then I'll capture the images in the finest JPG setting, then I will convert them all to TIF after making adjustments and now I have lossless files to work with.

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