"Am I free to go?", "Am I being detained?"

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Re: "Am I free to go?", "Am I being detained?"

LeRentier wrote:

Shunda77 wrote:

LeRentier wrote:

It would be funny to watch an American citizen try to play this game in Europe, he'd find himself back on a flight to the US before he realises what's happening.

Maybe that's why the rest of the western world had to sacrifice so many of our lives fighting Europe's damned tyranny and the wars it brought.

You aren't exactly making a good argument.

I am not an American.

If I don't stay behind the yellow line at the LA Airport immigration checks, I'd get surrounded by armed guards and whisked away in less than 10 seconds, I've seen it happen.

Besides that, the usually fat old ladies who checks passports look at you as if you've come to kill the president and they bark their questions, didn't ever notice those things ?

That is why there are 11 million illegal aliens and more are coming because of the pathetic border patrol and weak immigration policies. I just could not believe these checkpoints are not as strict as the airport securities.

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