Sony NEX-7n Rumored for April

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Re: Sony NEX-7n Rumored for April

seachicken2000 wrote:

D Cox wrote:

alvie wrote:

This sounds like a design flaw in the sensor. Will Sony replace all NEX-7 with this flaw for free?

No, because they made no promises that the camera would work with wide angle lenses designed for rangefinder film cameras.

True, but the NEX-7 also has magenta cast issues with the native 10-18mm zoom. This is fixed in JPG, but present in the RAW files, and inconvenient to correct in stills, and a nightmare to fix in video.

I can work around it, but I'd like correction to be applied at import in Aperture/Lightroom.

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Yeah, I can't fault Sony at all for the rangefinder lens thing. It's far more a "missing feature" than a "flaw." But using a sensor that doesn't work with the company's own lenses does indeed suck. I think that correcting this problem is pretty much the only thing that Sony has to do in order to make the 7n a success...which, for some reason, gives me the feeling that it's the only thing that won't have been improved!

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