Sony, please make us a CZ 24-105mm/f4

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Re: Happy with the old Tammy

Hey check out the PhotoDo MTF ratings for the Tammy 35-105/2.8 SP.

PhotoDo score of 3.6. Pretty good for a zoomy.

Favors well against Mino G 28-70/2.8 scoring 3.7 and Mino 28-135/4 scoring 3.6. The Tammy is like a nice combination of the two Mino's put into one lens.

Reading the actual MTF ratings, you'll notice the Tammy is better at telephoto than either Minolta. Notice the huge jump in IQ at telephoto by f/4, beyond the Mino's.  Lens can serve you well if you get to know it.

Have fun and welcome to the exclusive club!

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