wide angle for D7100

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Reilly Diefenbach
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Re: wide angle for D7100

The Nikon 10-24 is easily the best all around superwide for DX. It is much sharper in the corners than the older 12-24 and does 10mm, not 12, which at times you'll wish could be wider yet:


You can shoot with the sun in or near the frame with no blobs or veiling flare. No other WA lens can do this as well:

Mont Cascade

Sharpness and contrast to burn.  One of Nikon's better efforts in my view.  Wish I still owned it!  Distortion cleans up well with PTLens or DXO.

How does it handle very high MP?  You might well ask.

24MP FX @ 17mm in 1.2 crop mode:


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