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Re: Wow....

"I always shoot in RAW because you have so much more headroom in those files. Remember, JPG's are a lossy file, meaning that they are compressed to bring them down to a certain size. So in the process of compression, the process arbitrarily removes various image data. And if you keep working on JPG files (resaving in the process - which means even more compression), more information is lost until eventually you have a sub-par image file. Thus I always shoot in RAW. However, with those few cameras that shoot in JPG only (i.e. P510), I will shoot in the JPG fine setting and then immediately convert the file to a TIF Master - where I can make tons of adjustments (if needed) without fear of further compression."

Yes, all of that is true.  But in the real world, if you had to do that photo tour shooting in jpegs, would your pics have turned out just awful?  Unuseable?  Not worthy of posting?  You see what I'm getting at here?  I shoot my P7100 in raw + jpeg and usually just work with the jpegs.  No TIFFs in my life, ever.  Is the P7700 jpeg engine just so inadequate that it would be disappointing to only shoot in jpegs?  I'm not talking saving and re-saving jpegs, I'm talking jpegs SOOC that you then work with in LR (like I do).  Just wondering.

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