Blending signature wines...and the P7700

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Re: Blending signature wines...and the P7700

Sunshine_boy wrote:


Ben Herrmann wrote that the shooting was done in RAW.

I think that the settings you mentioned above haven't any influence on the RAW data itselves, but could provide side-information for the RAW-Converter you use (if the latter can read them). A while ago I read that the proprietary ViewNx2 can read them, but I don't know to which extend these are taken into account in the developping process as I don't use this program.

I use DxO, and the only explicit setting there with a reference to cam settings is white balance. I can leave it "As Shot" or choose among among several light conditions.

I haven't done any tests comparing the influence of cam settings to my RAW-pictures and won't do in the future. But for an investigating mind who has more time on his hands than a retiree, it should be interesting to do a field-test

I disagree!... The color settingsDO affect both jpegs and raw. To prove it, I just did a quick test. 4 shots (crops) at Monochrome, Neutral, Standard and Vivid. Faststone can display the raw files (NRWs) but obviously cannot analyse P7100 parameters. You can see what Faststone 'sees' below:

They are obviously different...

Yes, they are different, but I don't agree with your deduction. It would be right if FastStone couldn't read the cam parameters, but what makes you so sure it can't? If all those settings were already cemented in the RAW files, why bother shooting in RAW and not in jpeg?

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