Lens Question - replacing the 18-55mm kit

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Re: Lens Question - replacing the 18-55mm kit

bendarmody wrote:

Hi All,

I own a 600d with the kit lens and a Canon 55-250 which i use for a bit of everything,

I recently returned from a trip to europe and must say im disappointed with a lot of my shots, due to the nature of the crowded cities its very hard to fit everything in the frame, ie: churches etc.

I am thinking about selling my 18-55mm kit lens and replacing with the canon 10-22mm and the canon EF 50mm lens. I would keep the 55-250 lens for zoom shots but feel most of my shots moving forward would be landscapes or portraits.

Is this a good move..? or will i be missing something if i replace my 18-55 with the 50mm and 10-22mm

Any advice is much appreciated.


Just get the 10-22mm and keep the 18-55 IS.  Add the 50mm f1.8 if you want.

The gap between 22 and 50mm is just a bit too big sometimes. You could perhaps fill it with a 35mm f2.0  (instead of 50mm f1.8). Sometimes, when you don't need the UWA, 18-55 IS is a better all around. But I agree, European cities, the 10-22 is on my camera most of the time. But from time to time, the 18-55 IS does go on, especially when you want to take pictures with people, when you tend to perhaps take a semi-wide shot, and then zoom in a bit - swopping lenses tends to be too time consuming during travel. The 18-55 IS is small, light, inexpensive, so it's easy to take it along for travel and you won't gain much from selling it.

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