Terada: New 4/3's body (bodies?) in the pipline for 2013

Started Feb 2, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Add-on expectation:

Art_P wrote:

even before the camera hits the shelves, plenty of moaning how it's the last 4/3 body and who would invest in a dead system.

From all the exchanges I see, here and elsewhere, it's pretty clear to me that no matter what form camera comes in, we are guaranteed the bout of agony:

1. If it's a mirrorless, we get "there, no more DSLRs, m43 takes over!!"

2. If it's a DSLR, we get "there, no solution to using 4/3 lenses on mirrorless body, no merging the systems, obsolete at release!!"

Can't win. Just get earplugs.

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