Sony, please make us a CZ 24-105mm/f4

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Re: Happy with the old Tammy

Simi wrote:

Bought the Tammy 35-105/2.8 on ebay for 280EUR (says condition "excellent"). Let's see how it performs on the A99.


Hey congratulations!  The first thing you'll notice, is that it matches the look of sony products better than anything.  The styling of all the original SP's is a great match for Sony.

Now you know there are two different versions... right?

One is AF, 2 ring, focus and zoom.

The other is part of the Adaptall system, with one touch ring for focus and zoom.  Works best with high quality adapter.  The cheap adapters make it wobble and don't stop when removing lens.

The AF version has a very heavy front element, which over time, heavy use can introduce bothersome wobble.  I just used fine book binding block tape to shim the outer barrel (inside the lens), and all the wobble has disappeared.  It also stiffened up the zoom ring better.  These get loose over time.  So loose that the lens can practically be used as a push pull.

I also removed all grease from the focus helicoid.  I reapplied with WD40 oil, rather than grease.  Very light coating dabbing excess away.  Focus ring turns like butter now.  And yes, I know that lithium grease is better for long term.  But it's too stiff for this lens with heavy front element.  And I don't mind redoing it every couple of years.  This lens is a user, so I want it super smooth.

Now remember I said it's a portraitist lens.  Don't expect edge to edge sharpness wide angle... at any aperture.  Just can't get there from here.

But for portraits, it's fabulous.  Make sure to try it on APS-C mode for a99 too.  That's where it will really shine.

FYI...  Lens is very sharp for portraits between 50mm and 90mm wide open at f/2.8.  Super sharp at f/3.5.  Longer telephoto above 90mm produces very soft glowing images at closest focusing.  Expected, but you'll think they are out of focus 100% pixel peepers.  But they print beautifully, just gorgeous.  Longest telephoto close ups sharpen up very nicely by f/3.5, and even better by f/4.

Lens draws a very unique style.  Not sure to compare it mathematically with test charts against contemporaries.  Spend some time getting to know it.  Most users either LOVE it or just HATE it.  Depends how well you KNOW it.

Some have rear shims, some don't.  If you remove the rear shims, it may cause focus ring to become stiff.  Careful in there if you don't know what you're doing.  Lots of little precision parts.  But it's one of the highest quality lenses made, everything inside is metal... metal everywhere with big screws.  They went all out on this baby.

Have fun with it!

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