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toomanycanons wrote:

You sure know how to spend your retirement time!

1) Raw to TIFF? Yikes, what would happen if you just shot in jpeg?

I always shoot in RAW because you have so much more headroom in those files.  Remember, JPG's are a lossy file, meaning that they are compressed to bring them down to a certain size.  So in the process of compression, the process arbitrarily removes various image data.  And if you keep working on JPG files (resaving in the process - which means even more compression), more information is lost until eventually you have a sub-par image file.  Thus I always shoot in RAW.  However, with those few cameras that  shoot in JPG only (i.e. P510), I will shoot in the JPG fine setting and then immediately convert the file to a TIF Master - where I can make tons of adjustments (if needed) without fear of further compression.

2) Would the P7100 have spanked the X10 as well?

Well, I couldn't tell you that since I never compared the two.  As I mentioned, once you hold that X10, you are highly impressed and I love the menu system.  Now don't get me wrong as the X10 can capture some really nice images - but this weekend, in those weather conditions and those locales, the P7700 "spanked (to use your term)" the X10 in a variety of ways (IMO of course).

3) For awhile I thought the P7700 and P7100 had the same sensor but of course they don't. Could you compare both sensors for me? CMOS vs CCD, etc.

Well, I'm no technoweenie, so I'll defer to somebody else who may be able to explain that more eloquently.

4) You sure did download LR4.4 in a hurry. What's the difference between that and LR4.3?

Yeah, when you're not gettin' laid, you tend to offset by doing OCD things like making sure your software is constantly up-to-date (and firmware).  Couldn't tell you the differences other than perhaps a few new RAW files being added.  I just try to keep my stuff updated.

5) Nice straight verticals on your shots.

I always use the perspective distortion adjustments in Lightroom.  It's a personal pet peeve of mine when I see images where perspective distortions pull my eyes away from what I should be focusing on.  The distortion tools in Lightroom are superb and yes, I used them to adjust for perspectives.  The P7700 is no better or worse than other cameras in this regard.  In fact, if you look at any of my images - posted with any of my cameras - you will see that I've adjusted for perspective distortion.  It makes it easier on the eye (less visual conflict) and it causes you to appreciate the scene as experienced.

6) NC is a winery state, Colorado is a beer micro-brewery state. It's all good!

Hey, NC's micro-brewery operations are bustling - with many wineries now also offering micro-brews.  I love it (don't know why 'cause I'm not really a drinker - but I do enjoy an occasional beer).

7) You say you dealt with "noise" with the Luminance slider. I don't have LR in front of me but did you also tweak the "Color" noise slider? That's always a necessity with my P7100 when I shoot in raw.

I've not played with the color noise slider much to be honest.

8) Oh yeah, cool story!

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