Monochrome : is it that good vs desaturated ?

Started Feb 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Something weird...

Suneel R wrote:

Is it just me or is there something erratic happening in the processing of these images?

It's not just you.

Exhibit B:

The highlight on the edge of the fruit appears to be similarly Fuzzy... I too, was expecting the Monochrome mode to perform better, and I don't mind the grainy noise that is seen, but this fuzziness is strange.

Yes - some things are better in monochrome (i.e. the texture of the skin of the apple as it goes towards shadow) and some are worse.

perhaps Roland, the OP could present alternative processing too? This has something to do with noise levels in the Red layer presumably.

Perhaps NR and sharpening off as well.

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