New Mac Mini is sooo slow

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Re: New Mac Mini is sooo slow

Basalite wrote:

The only thing slow with the new i7 Mac minis is if you get them with the standard hard drive option. Otherwise that little Mac is crazy powerful racking up to over 11,000 on Geekbench. With the Fusion drive it is super fast, and even faster with just an SSD.

The mini should crush your MacBook in performance. Try and narrow down the issue. Does your MacBook, by chance, have a SSD?

Unfortunately it does not have a SSD. It is not an offer from the place I bought it from here in South Africa and I had to take it with standard 4 Gig RAM and the normal 1 TB HD.

When I bought it I thought that I will have a super fast Mac with all the bells and whistles to run Aperture but alas it was not the case. I am going to upgrade the RAM to 16 gig and see if there is any improvement.

I think the slowness could be attributed to two factors namely not sufficient RAM and secondly all the fragmented files, etc carried over from the Macbook. When I first started the Mini it gave me an option of migrating everything from the Macbook. I selected that option which in retrospect was the wrong choice I guess.

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