Sadder Budweiser.

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Testing done by NPR

LeRentier wrote:

LeRentier wrote:

Beer drinkers in California and Missouri are now sadder Budweiser.

A very useful class action to stop the years of cheating by Anheuser-Busch, who lied about the alcohol contents of their beer after diluting it with water.

Try and taste some real Czech beer, they don't cheat there.

Most of the comments are besides the point because the issue is not who makes the best beer, how many micro breweries you can find where, who owns the company.

This is about a large scale fraud which lasted for several years, the kind of thing that can actually kill a company's reputation, cause large scale unemployment and destroy share value.

Thus far only Bill Randall seems to understand the real issue, is cheating such a normal thing that nobody cares any more ?

Personally I hope that a few executives will be thrown in jail, their belongings seized and sold at the benefit of the people who are part of this class action.

On the radio this morning I heard that NPR tested 3 of the miscreant beers and found their alcohol content on the label to be accurate:

The malcontents are grumbling about a .3% point - 4.7 instead of 5.0%. While probably not true, even if it were it wouldn't be enough to affect taste.

LeRentier, you jumped on this band wagon prematurely.

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