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Hi Najinsky,

I hope I can be of help to you in a constructive manner,you want to be able to use long-lenses with the K01 and why not? I have, it's not an ideal but it's do-able. My recommendation (I know this isn't the first time you've heard it)is to try a cheap viewer from ebay at 13-15 euros,it's stabilizes the camera as your eye becomes part of a three point support.The fixation is magnetic and as such the viewer can be hung from the neck after easily removing it from the camera, it's on/off as quick as saying it. It really is the best solution for little money. Viewers that fix by the tripod mount are much less flexible.After that tripods etc. are another story. Mine has LED VF1 written on it and cost 13 euros from flea-bay and it's very well made,coated optics,felt lined,as I use reading glasses I had to modify it a little,see my post on this current thread; Shading the K-01 LCD for better viewing.page 5.

David, many thanks for the nice response, I appreciate it.

Things have moved on a lot from early last year when this post was first made. Ultimately, I decided against the the K-01 (despite liking very much about the design). I tried a Sony NEX-5N which gave excellent image quality, and had the option of an external finder, but was let down by the lens selection and build quality. It's built very well for a consumer electronics device, but cameras that travel and see extensive use need to be resilient against abuse, and I abuse my cameras a lot because I travel a lot. The NEX-5N failed when shooting in harsh environments because the controls became sticky and unpredictable, a similar fate had already befallen the Panasonic GH2 and the Fuji X100 (although in the case of the Fuji it was an unacknowledged manufacturing defect that proved its downfall).

There was however a happy ending, because I came across the Olympus OM-D and it has surpassed all expectations. The IQ is a touch behind the Pentax, but only for technicalities, in my real world use the OM-D delivers 100% of the required IQ 85% of the time. And for those times I need a bit more, I can revert to my 5D2.

The OM-D has the built in finder the K-01 lacked and it is also weather sealed and robust build which has meant it has survived daily use in harsh travel environments. But above that, it has a quite remarkable Image stabilising system that is truly worthy of some kind of innovation award. Many years of careful camera holding and shutter release techniques have fallen by the wayside thanks to the 5-Axis IBIS of the OM-D. I can see a fleeting moment and react instantly, and the fast AF and IBIS actually gives me a sporting chance of capturing it. The downside of this is when I go back to the 5D2, there is a period of re-adjustment when I have to remember things like grip, breathing and finding a convenient leaning post. But it's a small price to pay.

I came back to this thread on the back of the news that K-01 had been discontinued. At only a year old, that must surely be a record for a camera company to abandon a concept. When I posted this thread I was looking for helpful suggestions as to how I could make the K-01 part of my travel kit, but instead I got a lot of criticism about my assumed requirements, and pointless remarks about my anticipated techniques. Some of them very strong to the point I felt a bit gang-gagged, where discussion wasn't welcome, only praise of Pentax and their brilliance was allowed.

So rather childishly I thought I'd come back and stick my tongue out at those who blindly defended the K-01 because it was a Pentax. I still think there is a lot to like about the K-01, and I applaud those who have taken positives and tried to run with them. But I know how and what I shoot, and ultimately that's why I didn't buy the K-01, and given the fact it has now been abandoned, I guess I wasn't as alone in those thoughts as I was made to feel here in this forum.


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