New Mac Mini is sooo slow

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Re: New Mac Mini is sooo slow

Mike Boreham wrote:

I assume you mean that you used Migration Assistant or Setup Assistant to import everything from you old mac to your new mac?

This is the recommended and valid way of doing it, and most of the time it works fine, but when I got my MBP and did this it was not happy (spinning beach balls, slowness etc). After a week of intensive troubleshooting I did a completely fresh erase and install, importing no programs, prefs or settings...and it transformed the machine.

What is not valid or recommended is cloning from your old machine direct to your new machine. I assume you didn't do this.

Correct, I used Migration Assistant which was offered when I first switched on the Mini so it was in fact cloning the Macbook Pro. I would hate to do a fresh start by loading all the programs over again.  What I want to do first is upgrade the RAM to 16 Gig. The RAM will arrive next week and I am anxious to see if there is a difference in speed. If not I will probably be forced to do a fresh install.

Thanks for your input.

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