Terada: New 4/3's body (bodies?) in the pipline for 2013

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That would be a nice theory,

Chris Mak wrote:

Art_P wrote:

even before the camera hits the shelves, plenty of moaning how it's the last 4/3 body and who would invest in a dead system.

Yup. Actually, right on the day of announcement. And photography gods have mercy on us if any thinkable feature dreamers can come up with is lacking.

But what you are forgetting, is that Olympus only recently changed course.
For quite some time they have been trimming down their dedication to the 4/3 system and lenses, and removing entry and mid level Dslr.
Now, it is a good thing for all who are invested in 4/3 glass, that Olympus seem to have changed their mind, perhaps because they now feel that m4/3 is firmly in place as their lifesaver, perhaps because they are not sure whether m4/3 can ever truly focus the 4/3 lenses well.
In any case, the sense of abandonment that still hangs around the 4/3 camera system, is not the creation of a few stubborn nay sayers and gloom and doom lovers.
It has been brought about by Olympus themselves, mainly by putting 4/3 at the very end of the line, priority wise, and discontinuing it at entry and mid level.
It will take Olympus some time to brush of that sense of abandonment, and give 4/3 credibility again.


... if not for that embarrassing wailing on the E-5 announcement - and that's exactly what our exchange refers to. There was no "abandonment" back then yet, fresh from release of E-620 and E-30, yet arm-wrenching and agonizing over specification sheet was nothing short of astonishing. Sure enough, when actual camera got in hands of actual users, they found themselves much happier with it than one would expect from all that hair-pulling. To make sure, that episode is what we were talking about before you poured out this standard list of grievances we heard so often that I start wondering, do you just have it stocked somewhere so you just copy and paste it? Even when actual subject of conversation is different?

This forum is like Hotel California... no matter whether someone has checked out, they just never leave. Nope, they have to sit in the lobby and remind the residents how much they don't care anymore since they checked out. If they go to their new hotel, they continue keeping an eye on who is saying what in the lobby, to immediately return and remind us how much they don't care.

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