Blending signature wines...and the P7700

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Re: Blending signature wines...and the P7700

You sure know how to spend your retirement time!

1)  Raw to TIFF?  Yikes, what would happen if you just shot in jpeg?

2)  Would the P7100 have spanked the X10 as well?

3)  For awhile I thought the P7700 and P7100 had the same sensor but of course they don't.  Could you compare both sensors for me?  CMOS vs CCD, etc.

4)  You sure did download LR4.4 in a hurry.  What's the difference between that and LR4.3?

5)  Nice straight verticals on your shots.

6)  NC is a winery state, Colorado is a beer micro-brewery state.  It's all good!

7)  You say you dealt with "noise" with the Luminance slider.  I don't have LR in front of me but did you also tweak the "Color" noise slider?  That's always a necessity with my P7100 when I shoot in raw.

8)  Oh yeah, cool story!

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