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Sunshine_boy wrote:

Can I ask some questions please:

1. What flash mode are you using? Auto, Fill or Manual?

In this case I kept my camera in Aperture Priority Mode and the flash was in TTL mode.  It kept the shutter speed at 1/30 (VR engaged of course).  If the rooms are ideal - meaning, white ceilings that are 8-10 feel high (no higher than that), then traditional bouncing techniques will prevail with superb results.  However, if the ceilings are higher - or, if they are not white in color - then I attached 3rd party devices like the Stofen Omnibounce cap or better yet (although a larger item), Gary Wong's Lightsphere dome.

2. Do you vary the flash compensation from shot to shot? If 'yes', based on what criteria?

Yes and no - meaning, that every environment will dictate a different scenario.  The key to this type of photography is to make adjustments on the flash head only.  Luckily (with the exception of the SB-400), you can adjust flash exposure compensation (FEC) on the flash head, which is what you want,  In one scene, I had to up the FEC to +1.0 to achieve the desired effect.  In others, I had to dial down to -.07 or -.03.  If you are forced to have to go into the camera each and every time to make adjustments (i.e. like with the SB-400), then it can become a bit frustrating - but the SB-400 is a superb flash that I use often, but in more confined scenarios.

3. What color setting do you use, Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Custom?

I always keep my cameras set to Standard (but remember, I shoot in RAW only).  But just in case, for the P7700, I keep contrast set to -1, color saturation to neutral (0), and sharpness to either standard (middle setting) or -1.  Considering that you shoot in RAW, you can make a wealth of adjustments after-the-fact, if need be.

4. Any fine adjustment on the Auto WB?

Well, I've been lucky in that I use AWB - but then again, you can always make intricate adjustments to WB when converting from RAW.  But in the case of these images, I didn't have to make any WB adjustments at all after-the-fact.

5. I assume you are using Auto iso and Aperture priority mode?

Nope - I never use auto ISO.  I would rather set the ISO levels because I don't trust any cameras to make that decision for me.  For example, let's say I'm using a tripod in a very low-light area and I want to keep definition and clarity, but I want to keep my ISO set to ISO 100 or 200 (expecting long exposure times).  In that case if I place the camera on a tripod - but still have Auto ISO set - the camera would then arbitrarily raise the ISO (which I don't want in that instance).

Your overall color tones look very pleasing indeed. I always go for a little punchier colors (but not vivid) which I like but sometimes give a little too contrasty results. That is why I am asking about your color and WB settings. I would appreciate your comments on the settings (and results) I use as written in my thread.

Color is a very subjective scenario and no two people alike will agree - thus the endless arguments about "Olympus color" (which you hear often), or Nikon this or that.  I try to keep it real because we all want to remember a scene a certain way - even though it may not have been the case (that's the thing with digital).  I've gotten quite good at RAW conversions but I try (perhaps not always sucessfully though) to showcase the images that way I experienced them.  I keep my camera color profile at sRGB.

I've got several images - but that's all.  I immediately saw the differences and then stopped using the X10 on that trip.  And it endorses what DPReview said in their review of the X10, that it doesn't seem to match other sensors in the definition department.  I also noted that contrasts and clarity were off.  But again, the X10 is a really nice camera - especially in the body construction department.  It feels like you're shooting with a little Leica.  Perhaps the new X20 will be better - but I believe it is that EXR sensor that is given folks some difficulties.  All I say, in my opinion of course, is that the P7700 waxed the X10 and as a result, I will be putting the X10 up for sale within the next week or two.

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