DAM software replacement for IDImager

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Re: DAM software replacement for IDImager

Stubb wrote:

It's been interesting perusing this thread. Best I can tell, Lightroom is the only application that supports both hierarchical keywording and geotagging. Or did I miss something? I don't count Aperture because it can't import/export hierarchical keywords, plus it's been three years since it received a significant update.


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Well... that could be true if you are talking about native geotagging support.  Idimager used to support it in v5.x  but there "new" version doesn't for some odd reason - they suggest using Geosetter.  Now, I don't have an issue using 3rd party tools that do a better job than a software's tool - but Geosetter still doesn't have a way to only show the images that you select and open the software with.  They are highlighted so you can work on only that set - but if you accidently do something to that set (or need to individually work on the images for different locations) - poof - you see all the images in that folder.

To me - that is a major misstep to the 3rd party and the reason why I only use LR now for my DAM... one stop shopping that works pretty fast and has good tools.

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