Lightroom 4.4 RC and ACR 7.4 RC - Tests/Results

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Re: Lightroom 4.4 RC and ACR 7.4 RC - Tests/Results

Asylum Photo wrote:

hexxthalion wrote:

my findings C1 vs LR4.4RC:

Detail - C1 can pull much more info than LR4.4 but if you have slightly higher ISO image LR can have and edge

Colour - C1 - but for portraiture, landscapes can produce strange results, more on this below.

So strange colours - sometimes on some landscape shots, default C1 colour rendering is really nice but I can see 'shift/push' towards reds. Also in high ISO images I can see red bleeding outside of areas where it shouldn't be, for example orange leaves against a fallen trunk, I can see orange on the trunk too - this does not happen in LR4.4

LR4.4 and details - yes, it's softer but that can be adjusted by playing with detail module, what I'm getting out of it though is following: in order to achieve similar 'sharpness/crispness' like in output from C1 it creates halos around tiny details in LR4.4(grass, fallen leaves...).

Really difficult to decide. For portraits I'd say that C1 is better in colour. For landscapes it does give you more details than LR4.4 but there's something strange when it comes to rendering of reds/purples and I see some bleeding in high ISO images - I'll try to put some samples up when I come back from work.

I think that I will wait for a while. LR4.4 seems to have fixed a lot of problems from previous version but I don't think it's right there yet, due to softer look at default setting I have a suspicion that something else is going on because when sharpening is tweaked to provide similar output to C1, I can see halos or simply details seem to be not as well defined as in C1.

What are your sharpening settings in LR4.4? Have you tried playing with the radius?

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yes, I tried different settings. Simply, there's still more in the files processed using C1 but on high ISO images I'm getting better results from LR4.4RC because C1 gives me strange colour bleeding.

On ISO200 shots it's very very close, but fine details are better from C1.

I will try various images today - the problem is I don't have many RAF files because I was stupid enough that I was converting all my RAF files form SD card to DNG during import which pretty much f**d em up. I have only few RAF files on my card and those are mainly iso 4000 and up

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