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Re: No need to wait.

HowardinOregon wrote:

I’m considering a switch from Canon 60d with a collection of expensive lenses, flashes and other appurtenances to a gh3 with 3 lenses covering 12-200mm focal length (35mm) metz flash and a few other add-ons.

My decision process is as follows:


Better still IQ (with appropriate lenses)and acceptable but arduous video ability.

Everything compatible with Adobe CS5 suite

System familiarity.

Too damn heavy relative to alternatives.(Though I am aware that similar abilities 20 years ago and prior required 3 times as much gear)


Much more portable - in fact, with lenses about ½ weight and space.

More versatile video capability especially focus, DoF confirmation and frame rates, etc.

Usable EVF. Can see histogram as parameters are changed in real time.

Steeper learning curve (similar to any new system)

EVF while good still has a way to go to approach OVF experience.

Can’t start/stop video using wifi yet. Seems to me one of the most import features for a multi camera video shoot.

Smaller sensor that translates to inferior IQ.

What’s important to me.

Portability, after all what good is a worthwhile scene if you have to lug gear and take time.

But… not at the expense of great: in focus, framed, white balanced and metered shot(s)printable at large sizes or viewed on large screens.

Ability to RF control flash/video light and accessories.

Ability to control every camera function from Ipod/android or other device.

No, I don’t expect the world with a white wash fence around it, and will be willing to pay a bit more for these features.


No need to wait, the Panasonic Lumix GH3 is a superb camera, and you will be surprised positively with the image quality. One thing that many don't know is besides the HDR mode, the GH3 can stack RAW files in camera. And it has so many good features that I think I don't need to point them here.

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